24OurMusic Interview

There is a certain sweetness emanating all over Arika Kane’s recent single “It’s There.” With 90′s style contemporary R&B beats, mellow bass grooves, twinkling pianos, and a dash of electric guitar, the track sounds nostalgic, wonderfully heartwarming, and is magnificently moving. It also goes without saying how lovely yet powerful Arika Kane’s vocals are as they melodically croon with triumphant soulfulness from verse to chorus. On top of that, the song features Brian McKnight, who is more than likely a familiar household name to the R&B music community (previous collaborations include Mariah Carey and Vanessa Williams). I can’t stress how much of a winning combination this is: nostalgic 90′s sounds, Arika Kane’s stunning vocals, and the featured voice of the incredibly talented and Grammy nominated Brian McKnight? R&B fans will definitely not want to miss this one. Read the interview.